Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Piquant uses the personal information you provide and the non-personal information we collect.

The information we collect

Piquant collects some personal information that helps us create a great experience for you. Some of this data collection depends on how you engage with us and our website.

If you browse we collect non-personally identifiable information such as the browser and operating system you are using. This information is passed on to third-party systems as described below.

If you wish to receive our newsletter, your email and, optionally, your name will be passed on to third-party systems as described below. You can opt-out of our newsletter at any time via this link or the link at the bottom of any of our communications. Unsubscribing will handle the information you provided per the third parties' retention policies.


We use cookies stored in users' browsers to provide a number of services:

We use cookies to verify that data received by our servers was sent from a page on our website instead of a third party. These cookies contain a cryptographically-secure token.
We use cookies to maintain persistent authentication for users who create accounts. These cookies contain a randomly-generated identifier.
Website analytics
We use third-party services that provide high-level website analytics like volume of traffic and traffic to specific pages. These services use cookies contain a randomly-generated identifier.
User preferences
We use cookies to store temporary and long-term user-chosen preferences about the behavior of this website.
We may use cookies to periodically display generic advertisements via third-party services.

Third-party data sharing

Piquant may share the information you provide with third parties. We may also forward you to other systems to provide your information directly. This information is used to provide specific services such as marketing emails you opt in to receive as well as tracking application errors.


We make a good-faith effort you protect your data. This includes measures standard to the industry such as HTTPS conncetions, password protection, multiple-factor authentication, and use of proven solutions for things like email marketing. We cannot guarantee total protection against malicious attacks but promise to assess these security measures periodically. In the event that we become aware of a breach of our data, we will contact affected parties indicating the breadth of the impact.


By using you consent to the data collection described in this privacy policy. If you wish to have your personally identifiable information removed from our systems you may contact us directly. Upon receiving these requests we will respond in a reasonable timeframe indicating which information is held and which information will be removed. Certain information may require a period of time to remove all instances of the data.

Notification of changes

We may need to update the content of this privacy policy periodically. In the event that we make changes, we will notify users who have provided their email addresses.

Contact information

You may contact us about privacy-related concerns or questions at